Who Can Join PGMA

Membership eligibility for PGMA.

Regular Membership

Corporations and firms actively engaged in the design and manufacture of engine driven portable generators sold in North America shall be eligible to apply for regular membership in this corporation provided that such corporations and firms are actively engaged in their own name and with their own organizations (i.e., as distinct from agents and/or distributors) in the sale of such portable generators in the open market within North America. A subsidiary or separate division of a corporation or firm may also be eligible for membership if the PGMA board of directors declares that it is in the interest of PGMA to admit such subsidiary or division.

Associate Membership

Corporations and firms actively engaged as suppliers, distributors, or manufacturers of components for use in or with portable generators shall be eligible to apply for associate membership in this corporation. Associate members shall enjoy such rights as are prescribed by the Board of Directors, provided that Associate Members shall not be authorized to participate in meetings of the Board of Directors, except by invitation, and shall have no Executive Voting Representative.

All applications for membership are subject to the approval of the PGMA board of directors.