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Campground Safety Tips - June

Campground Safety Tips - April


Plan for Safe Portable Generator Use During High Heat/Fire Season - July

PGMA Urges Preparedness for Safe Portable Generator Use During Hurricane Season - July

Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association Urges First Responders to Share Generator Safety Information - June

Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association Urges Users To ‘Take It Outside’ - February

Portable Generator Manufacturers Set New Standard for Safe Generator Use - February


Keep Safe with Home Upgrades This Summer - June


Prepare Your Family for Winter Weather - November

Prepare Your Family for Hurricane Season - August


Winter Weather Emergency Preparedness - November

Be Prepared to Weather the Storm - August

PGMA Welcomes Three New Members - July

Make Summer Safer - June

ANSI/PGMA G300 Standard Introduces New Era of Portable Generator Safety, Reduces Carbon Monoxide Risks - April


Make Emergency Planning a Priority - November

PGMA Announces Breakthrough Technology to Address Carbon Monoxide Hazard in Updated Standard - October

Be Prepared for Inclement Weather - August

Provide Safe Power for Summer Fun - May

Portable Generators' Manufacturers' Association Requests Comments to Upcoming ANSI/PGMA G300 Standard Revision - February


Put Safety First When Winter Weather Strikes-November

Safe Portable Generator Use Provides Convenience and Flexibility For Outdoor Recretaional Activities-October

Plan Ahead for Severe Weather-August

Protect Your Family During Summer Fun- May

Stay Storm Ready: Take Your Portable Generator Outside- March


Power Up Your Tailgate- December

Six Tips to Safely Power Through a Power Outage- November

Take It Outside: Only One Safe Way to Use Portable Generators- October

Take It Outside: Use Portable Generators Safely This Winter- October

Portable Generator Manufacturers' Association Announces New ANSI Recognized Standard for Portable Generators-September

7 Safety Tips to Prepare Your Family for the Unexpected- July

Take a Portable Generator Camping- May

Keep the Power: How to Prepare for Hurricane Season- April

Power Your Way Through Summer: Tips for Safe Portable Generator Use- April


Portable Generators: The Most Valuable Tool for Ice Fishing- December

Be Prepared This Winter with a Portable Generator- November

Portable Generators Become Man’s Best Friend While Hunting- October

How to Be Prepared for an Emergency- September

Safety and Performance Standard Set by Portable Generator Manufacturers' Association- September

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season- September

Best Practices for Using Portable Generators in Construction Zones- September

Tips to Keep Your Family Safe: Know the Signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning- August

Pick Your Power Source - Safety tips for operating portable generators- May


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